Oh's Taekwondo Centre Essendon

Taekwondo training and self-defence for Juniors and Adults, conveniently located in Essendon, Melbourne.

Junior black belts training at Oh's Taekwondo Essendon

Our club offers more than just Taekwondo!

Our focus is in achieving your goals and developing Taekwondo skills however, we go one step further!

Based on instructors outstanding experience in other forms of martial arts, these styles are thus integrated in the development of self defense within the Taekwondo classes, so that students are empowered with the confidence to use these powerful tools when situations demand you to protect yourself and demand an elite self defence.

Our instructors are all qualified, accredited and form a dedicated team to help you achieve your goals!

Head Instructor - Michael Tudzarov

6TH DAN BLACK BELT TAEKWONDO (graded by Grandmaster Young Youl Oh 9th Dan)
2ND DAN IAIDO (Japanese Samurai sword)

Michael began his taekwondo training at the age of 17 in 1974, with the highly acclaimed 9th Dan Grandmaster Young Youl Oh. His passion for Martial Arts is synonymous with his commitment to training and teaching of Taekwondo today.

He is a very passionate and highly dedicated instructor. He classes reflect the teaching of Taekwondo in the traditional form of the Martial Art, combined with a focus on self defence. He has a vivid passion for many forms of Martial arts and has practiced in many other styles such as: Iaido, Jujitsu and Pressure Points. Furthermore, Michael has integrated the various disciplines in his teaching.

Instructor - Hank Heng

3RD DAN BLACK BELT TAEKWONDO, Kukkiwon (graded by Grandmaster Young Youl Oh 9th Dan)

Hank commenced his training in 2000 and has over 10 years of experience in Taekwondo. He is committed to teaching taekwondo in the traditional form of the Martial Art and embraces the modern day sport of Taekwondo competition sparring.

Hank is a firm believer in teaching students the philosophy of Taekwondo in addition to the physical aspect of the art form.

What else do we do?

Our culture is focused on providing a high standard of teaching in a positive environment. The critical factors of self-discipline, respect and strength of character are enforced within our classes.


5 March, 2012

Our very own Belinda Barichello, Junior Black Belt in Taekwondo, showcases her talent in the Swisse TV Commercial

Go belinda! Michael and Oh's Taekwondo Essendon is very proud! Well done Belinda

11 January, 2011

Oh's Taekwondo Centre Essendon gets write up in the Moonee Valley Weekly!

Read about our Junior Black belts here


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